Return Policy

Delivery & Returns

After receipt of the order (s), the customer will immediately receive a confirmation of the order by e-mail. Once the amount due has been credited to the supplier's account, the order will ship within 7 working days.
The delivery times stated by the supplier will never be regarded as deadlines, unless expressly agreed otherwise. In the event of late delivery, the supplier must therefore be given notice of default if the customer wishes dissolution.
Exceeding the delivery time does not give the customer any right to compensation of any kind whatsoever or the right to non-fulfillment of any obligation of the customer towards the supplier.
If the order cannot be delivered within this time, the supplier will immediately contact the customer by e-mail or telephone. This will be done within a reasonable time, but no later than 7 days after ordering the goods.

Article 8 - Complaints / Acceptance

Any complaints will be dealt with if they are received directly in writing by the supplier within five days of delivery. For hidden defects, complaints must be made within the warranty period.
If complaints are recognized as justified, at the discretion of the supplier, the latter can either repair the defect, replace the article or refund the net invoice amount.
Complaints about invoices must be submitted in writing within five days after the date of dispatch of the invoices.
The supplier will refund the purchase value as soon as possible after receipt of the return shipment. The supplier reserves the right to refuse return shipments or to refund only a part of the amount paid if it is suspected that the item has already been used, if the item has been damaged as a result of use or if the goods are not in original packaging. have been returned.
If the customer has not made a written complaint to the supplier within five days of delivery or the date of dispatch of the invoices, he is deemed to have accepted the delivery or the invoices. In that case, complaints will no longer be handled by the supplier.
Submitting complaints does not release the buyer from the obligations arising from the purchase agreement towards the supplier.
Consumables such as footwear and clothing, etc. cannot be exchanged or returned. If the order has been received damaged, the customer must report this to the supplier that same day. If the order is incomplete, the customer must report this WITHIN 2 DAYS.
Deviations in item descriptions (such as weights, color patterns, sizes, etc.) of the order (s) are never a reason for cancellation of the order. This also applies to the color, because this can also deviate from the delivered product as we work with a natural product.
Return shipments in the Netherlands must be made to the following address:

Sunshine 16
7207 BT Zutphen
The Netherlands