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Dutchskins in your shop?

Dutchskins International B.V. is een groothandel in onder andere huiden, vachten en aanverwante producten. Wilt u producten van Dutchskins in uw winkel of webshop verkopen? Dat kan! Vraag hieronder onze catalogus met prijslijst aan. Heeft u verder nog vragen neem dan gerust contact met ons op.

Binnenkort kunnen alle artikelen online besteld worden via ons B2B platform u krijgt hiervan bericht.


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As a wholesaler of animal skins and coats, we specialize in the sale of skins and coats for retail, hotels, stylists, markets and parties for private individuals. We are:

  • Wholesale Icelandic sheepskins
  • Wholesale sheepskins
  • Wholesale exotic coats
  • Wholesale cowhides
  • Wholesale animal skins and coats
  • Wholesale springbok skins or springbok skins
  • Wholesale rabbit skins
  • Wholesale sheepskin chair cushions
  • Wholesale sheepskin seat pads

You can also contact us for all products that are made or coated with all types of animal skins or hides. Cowhide belts, cowhide bags or, for example, baskets made of cowhide brand Dutchskins . We also sell cow horns, ram horns, water buffalo horns and various other horns from stock. Are you looking for buffalo skulls, water buffalo skulls or longhorn skulls, you can also contact us for this. Request a quote for competitive rates!


Do you want to sell our products via dropshipping? That can question the possibilities.

How does dropshipping work?

  1. The customer places an order with you.
  2. You send the order to us.
  3. We send the hides and coats directly to the customer.

Dropshipping for your business. Benefit from the benefits of drop shipment:

  • Very suitable for web shops
  • We take over the logistics process for you
  • You don't need storage space

Dropshipping is a very efficient logistics process, especially for webshop entrepreneurs. Stock space is often pricey and risky. Dropshipping makes it possible to do business without having to make this large investment. Do you have a webshop and would you like to sell skins & coats from Dutchskins? Then contact us about the possibilities.

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