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How do I clean a cowhide? It is best to clean a cowhide with green soap and water. You are not supposed to scrub the cowhide hard. If you do this, the hair can come off, causing bald patches. So try to 'blot' the stain and wipe the cowhide with a clean cloth and lukewarm water after cleaning. Then let the cowhide dry thoroughly. Finally, you can use a vacuum cleaner over the cowhide, making the skin supple again.


The maintenance of a cowhide is simple. Regularly vacuuming the cowhide at a low suction power is more than enough. Any stains can usually be removed with a neutral soap solution. Prevention is of course better because stains are not always easy to remove.


The hair of one cowhide are porous and easily absorb dirt, but this is easy to prevent. You can protect the skin by spraying it preventively with leather and textile protector.

It can never be completely prevented that a cow hide absorbs dirt, but preventive protection does help to remove any accidents more easily.


Again it is important to first wipe the skin with a solution of green soap and water. Then take a solution of 50% water and 50% white vinegar and wipe the cowhide again. After this, the urine smell will have already partially disappeared. You can repeat this treatment or use a textile refresher. If this does not yet deliver the desired result, outsourcing and having it professionally cleaned is the only alternative.


Regular vacuuming is sufficient with minimal suction power. However, you will notice that the cow's skin loses its natural shine over time and starts to become dull. You can easily restore this by sprinkling a little bit of leather oil on a cloth every now and then and applying it to the coat with the hair. This gives the cowhide its beautiful shine and the skin remains in good condition for longer.

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