Reindeer skin - F.


Reindeer skin from Norway

  • Reindeer fur of high quality and ecologically tanned.
  • Color: gray white beige
  • Origin: Norway
  • Size: 125 x 70 cm

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Reindeer sheet for decoration

A reindeer skin is a wonderful addition to any interior as a floor or wall decoration or over a sofa or chair. The beautiful colors such as cream, beige, gray, brown and even almost black vary depending on the age of the animal and the season. Each reindeer hide is totally unique in color and pattern. A reindeer skin is natural, soft and a luxurious natural product and can be used as decoration both indoors and outdoors.
The fur of a reindeer consists of an undercoat of down hair and an outer coat of hollow air-filled hairs. hair, so the chance of breaking the hair is greater than with other coats. Our advice is to use this coat as decorative as possible and not to walk too much on it. A very high quality reindeer skin from Dutchskins and originating from Norway. Our coats are always tanned naturally and ecologically.