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Cowhide pink


Size: approx. 220 x 155 cm
Surface: 3,4 m2
Color: pink
Smoothly and beautifully cut
Easy to clean
NOTE: Painted cowhides can stain. So be careful with light surfaces.

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Cowhide pink for your home

This special Cowhide pink ensures that your products gets a completely different atmosphere. This rug with the pink color is incredibly beautiful, super smooth and soft, definitely recommended. The skin can give an interior a boost, but also completely transform it. The skins are of course tanned from animals that have lived in the wild. This ensures that the skins have some irregularities here and there. This is of course super unique and exclusive. All skins are of course just a little different and it is therefore unavoidable that some skins have a scar. This is an extra exclusive and special addition to your cowhide pink. The skin is already very special and beautiful in itself, but knowing that you have a real one of a kind in your possession makes the experience a little more special.

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