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Cowhide gray beige


  • Size: 215 x 220
  • Surface: 3,4 m2
  • Color: beige gray
  • Smoothly and beautifully cut
  • Easy to clean

In Stock


Beautiful natural gray beige cowhide from Dutchskins. Hand selected and symmetrical in shape. The cowhide white has a beautiful shine. A white cowhide is a rarity, so we do not always have it in stock.

This beautiful  cowhide is cut symmetrically and selected by hand. All hides are from cows that have lived in the wild, on large ranges in South America. It is therefore possible that there is a scar on some skins.

All our cowhides are unique and you will therefore never find exactly the same anywhere else. 

The cowhides are tanned in a natural way so that the quality of the hide is thick yet supple. With normal use you can enjoy this beautiful cowhide for many years. Moreover, a cowhide from Dutchskins is a by-product of the meat industry.

A cowhide has a high hair density so that it does not get dirty quickly. The skin is easy to keep clean by vacuuming or tapping. You can remove stains with a slightly damp cloth, if necessary use some green soap for stubborn stains.

Beat your cowhide regularly and hang it outside every now and then to air it out. 

Uniquely photographed cowhides

These beautiful cowhides from Dutchskins have all been selected with the greatest care. The hide in the photo will also be sent to you exactly as we photograph our cowhides all separately.

Help there are folds in my cowhide

When you ingest the cowhide, there are folds in it. This is because the skins are folded in our warehouse. These folds will come off by themselves when the cowhide is on the floor for a while. If you find it very annoying, you can iron the skin with an iron on the lowest setting. But I would say just leave it ... 

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