Polished cow horn on stand


  • Horn color: black / gray / white
  • Black metal base
  • Height 26 cm
  • Width 37 cm
  • Length 12
  • Dimensions base: 12 x12 cm
  • Origin Madagascar

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Cow horn on stand

Beautiful cow horn on stand. These cow horns on a metal base are handmade in the Netherlands.

The cow horn is polished, which means that the horn has been smoothed, giving it a nice shine. Because it is a natural product, all horns are different, so every horn on a metal stand is unique.
This cow horn on a stand looks cool on a sideboard or in the windowsill and is a real eye-catcher. These horns are from Madagascar and belong to one Zebu cow. (Bos taurus indicus) We also put other horns on a stand for you. Think of ram's horns, oryx horns, water buffalo and so on. Feel free to ask about the possibilities.